Paddle with vintage art engraved on front, handle carved both sides. INCLUDED: Black leather look pouch offering protection.


Beautiful Red Oak paddle crafted art for play, wall display and novelty purposes.

Part of my 'Classic Series' this paddle is engraved on the front with a Vintage image of a Mistress holding a crop with a sub male clinging to her boot.

The handle is carved on both sides.

This paddle is 20" long and 1/2" thick. I offer 2 hand sizes for the grip, male and female.

INCLUDED: Leather look pouch, (crafted by Lady Draco) with Rayon backing offering class,protection and easy cleaning.
Pouch can be embroidered (+$15) with your name or phrase.

This unique and beautifully crafted item always sparks conversation at those fun play parties, a beautiful wall ornament.

OPTIONAL: Title and Name embroidered on the paddle bag. Ex. 'Mistress Raven', 'Master John' ($15 additional)


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